-Off on Sabbatical-

Thank you to all of my clients for supporting my business through the years! I am currently taking a sabbatical to spend time with my family during these precious first years of my son's life. I will make an announcement when I continue booking in the future. Thank you for your understanding! ✨

Hey there!

Whether you stumbled upon my page by accident or heard of me through the grapevine, I am thrilled to give you a glimpse into how I view the world. In a life where we are always on the go, we need to take a moment to slow down - to freeze time and preserve the precious beautiful memories in front of us. From saying your vows, welcoming a baby home, or capturing your family as they are in this moment, I want to bring a few hours of simple joy to you; a chance to slow down. Time to simply be yourself and to take in the moments you are living. No rules - nowhere to be.

You can be silly. You can be romantic. You can have messy hair. You can be still.

Just come as you are.

Let me do the rest.

“Sometimes you can't see yourself clearly until you see yourself through the eyes of others”